The new California World Languages Standards (2019) and Framework (2020) are our guiding documents to connect social emotional well-being with accelerated learning in world language and dual immersion classrooms. Join us at UC Santa Barbara for a healing journey, and learn to meditate as well. For five days, we will bring together world language and dual language immersion educators to learn, to engage in self-care and, most importantly, to celebrate our commitment to remaining resilient during challenging times. CWLP & CLTA resolve to center the strengths, values, languages, cultures and well-being of students, families, colleagues, and ourselves, in order to amplify the learning of all California students.

Friday, July 15Quirina's Keynote Page

Luna Geary

Tamien Nation

Saturday, July 16Saeeda's Keynote Page


Certified Yoga Instructor & Holistic Nutrition Educator

Sunday, July 17Ying's Keynote Page


Mandarin Educator, ACTFL 2018 TOY

Sponsored by Avant

Monday, July 18Celia's Keynote Page

Dr. Celia
Chomón Zamora

Director of Professional Learning and Certification, ACTFL

Tuesday, July 19Tiffany's Keynote Page

Dr. Tiffany

Professor, Chair of Native American Studies at University of New Mexico

Wednesday, July 20Roxana's Keynote Page


Executive Director, OneAmerica

Strand A

Framework-Aligned Instructional Practices –
On the Path to Proficiency for ALL With Framework-Aligned Instruction

Christine Lanphere
Nicole Naditz

This strand will meet in the Flying A Room in the UCEN

Strand B

Dual Language Immersion for Spanish –
Dual Immersion: Making a Radical Difference in Language and Justice

Dr. Eduardo Muñoz Muñoz
Dr. Angela Palmieri

This strand will meet in the Goleta Valley Room in the UCEN

Strand C

Project-Based Language Learning –
Discovering Your Identity Through a Pathway for Wellness

Luz Griselda Ramírez
Anna Chavez

This strand will meet in the Lobero Room in the UCEN

Strand D

Mandarin Strand –
Global Competence, Interculturality and Social Emotional Learning in the Mandarin Class

Ying Jin
Zoey Liu

This strand will meet in the Corwin East Room in the UCEN

Strand E

Japanese Strand –
Connecting to the World with Care: Empowering the Japanese class through Social Action

Dr. Yoshiko Saito-Abbott
Rie Tsuboi

This strand will meet in Anacapa Lounge 2208

Strand F

French Strand –
Social Justice, Social Media, and Authentic Tasks in the French Class

Catherine Ousselin

This strand will meet in Anacapa Lounge 2408

Strand G

Spanish Strand –
Connect to the Heart, Connect to the World in the Spanish Class

Antonio Tunzi
Maylén Rafuls Rosa

This strand will meet in the State Street Room in the UCEN

Strand H

Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Strand –
Reclaiming Identity: Instructional Strategies for Less Commonly Taught Languages

Iman Hashem
Shahnaz Ahmadeian Fard

This strand will meet in the Corwin West Room in the UCEN

Strand I

Leadership Strand –
Integrative Leadership Development for Caring World Language Educators

Hélène Chan
Liz Matchett
Sally Mearns
Toni Theisen

This strand will meet in the Santa Barbara Harbour Room in the UCEN

Strand J

Student Strand –
Teach to Become an Agent of Change

Alfredo Varela
Carmen Ríos-Álvarez

This strand will meet in the Santa Barbara Mission Room in the UCEN

In addition to our keynote speakers and our strand facilitators, we also welcome back again this year our very special guest, an expert in Global Education, and a wonderful friend!

Helga Fasciano

Global Education and World Languages Consultant, Section Chief for K-12 Programs & Special Assistant for Global Education (2003-2018), NC Department of Public Instruction; NC State Board of Education Global Education Action Items, including the Global Educator Digital Badge & Recognition for School and District Global-Ready Designations; Board Member, ACTFL Board of Directors; NCSSFL Supervisor of the Year, 2017; CWLP-CLTA Summer Seminar Global Strand Leader – 4 years; French & German teacher, North Carolina

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