Strand K

Coaching Tools and Mindfulness Practices for Work and Life

Participants will learn the International Coaching Federation Model (ICF) for professional coaching:  
(1) Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards, (2) Establishing the Coaching Agreement, (3) Establishing Trust and Intimacy, (4) Coaching Presence, (5) Active Listening, (6) Powerful Questioning, (7) Direct Communication, (8) Creating Awareness, (9) Designing Actions, (10) Planning and Goal Setting, and (11) Managing Progress and Accountability.  A secondary strand will focus on mindfulness practices in order to enhance participant wellbeing, relax, reduce stress and negative thinking, and envision and bring about positive outcomes.

Please note that this program begins during the Summer Seminar and continues for six additional weeks on Wednesdays, from 5:00-7:30. Successful completion of the program awards 6 continuing education units (including the 3 CEUs offered by the WLSumSem). 1 unit is awarded for 10 synchronous or asynchronous contact
hours, and is equivalent to Quarter, not Semester units.

Participants will need to purchase the following text: Goldvarg, Damian, Professional Coaching Competencies: The Complete Guide, Kindle Edition, $38.95, 141 pages.

Facilitators: Brandon Zaslow, EdD / Tonja Byrom / Svetlana Lazarova

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