Dr. Celia Chomón Zamora

Director of Professional Learning and Certification, ACTFL

Keynote Speaker – Orientation – Friday, July 21st

Dr. Celia Chomón Zamora currently serves as ACTFL’s Director of Professional Learning and Certification. With more than 15 years serving the language education community, Dr. Zamora has been a K-12 language teacher and administrator in public and private school settings, a postsecondary language program instructor and assistant director, and researcher. The daughter of first-generation immigrants from Venezuela and Cuba, Dr. Zamora is a passionate advocate of heritage language learners.

Dr. Zamora completed her doctoral degree in Spanish Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University, where she was awarded the Harold N. Glassman Distinguished Dissertation Award in the social sciences. She attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and is a proud graduate of Florida International University where she focused on Linguistics and the study of various languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Ladino. At ACTFL, she is currently focusing on providing a platform to amplify the voices of underrepresented language learning communities, developing resources and communities of support for less commonly taught and Indigenous languages, and continuing to advocate and support heritage language learners and teachers.


Reflection on Celia’s Keynote

  1. What identities (e.g., teacher, parent, ethnicity, ability, etc.) do you bring to your work? Which of those identities are visible / invisible?
  2. How do you work to understand your students, their backgrounds and identities? How does this inform your teaching of language and culture?

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