Strand A – California World Language Standards & Framework-aligned pedagogy for Equity, Justice and Sustainability


What are the goals of K-12 world languages programs? What instructional strategies can be leveraged to achieve those goals? How can teachers design through a lens of equity to promote language proficiency and interculturality for all learners? This strand will examine the California World Languages Standards for California Public Schools K-12 (2019) and the California World Languages Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (2020) as foundations for high leverage world language teaching and learning. Participants will engage in collaborative discussions and hands-on exploration of the WL Standards & Framework, and engage in effective, research-based instructional practices that promote proficiency, multi-literacy and interculturality with equitable outcomes for all learners.

Strand Facilitators – Christine Lanphère & Daphne Tapia Williams

This strand will meet in the SB Mission Room in the UCEN