Strand B – Healing and Language Learning: An Ethnic Studies approach to World Languages

In this strand, we will explore the
Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum and the intersections with the CA World Language Standards and Framework to identify entry points for engaging in the key themes of (1) Identity, (2) History and Movement, (3) Systems of Power, and (4) Social Movements & Equity.  The work of this strand is grounded in critical consciousness, encourages cultural understanding of the struggles around race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity, and supports self and collective empowerment. By starting with developing our capacity as teacher leaders, this program will strengthen teachers’ abilities to increase student outcomes in areas such as: developing a strong sense of identity and of agency, promoting social-emotional wellness, and increasing critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills (Sleeter and Zavala, 2020).


Strand Facilitators – Diana Sánchez & Vicky Xiong-Lor

This strand will meet in the Corwin West Room in the UCEN