Strand E – Abriendo Camino para la Equidad, Justicia y Sostenibilidad en la Clase de Español


Conducted in Spanish, this strand will review the core practices of the Spanish class (for second and/or heritage language learners) through a communicative lens, giving priority to practical applications in the classroom. Participants will work collaboratively to develop and maximize classroom strategies that address all communicative modes while focusing on equity, justice, and sustainability. We critically engage with language use as an instrument of power to build our capacity to create student-centered experiences that celebrate students’ communicative growth. In this strand, participants are at the center of the learning at every step along the way, and will be engaged in provocative ideas that stimulate professional growth.  The final project is a unit / lesson design integrating all communicative modes while guiding our students to engage with issues of equity, social justice, and sustainability.


Strand Facilitators – Eduardo R. Muñoz-Muñoz & Maylén R. R. Sullivan

This strand will meet in the State Street Room in the UCEN