Strand GLeveling up Level 1

Start your students off on a language journey of love by leveling up your level one course. Level one teachers are the students’ most important introduction to the target language and cultures. What we do can determine the long-term overall success of a language learner. How can we ensure our students have the very best experience possible?

Participants in this strand will leave energized and ready to implement engaging, standards-aligned, comprehensible activities in the target language from day one of level one, build community in the classroom, and develop interpersonal communication with the novice learner at the center.  The strategies we will use every day and will be modeling and teaching are aligned with Universal Design for Learning (UDL), as well as the CA World Language State Standards and Framework. This strand is designed for teachers of novice-low to novice-high language learners.


Strand Facilitators – Margarita Méndez & Tovah Skiles 

This strand will meet in the SB Harbor Room in the UCEN