Dr. Brandon Zaslow

The Potential Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to Equity, Justice, and Sustainability

Keynote Speaker – Day 3 – Monday, July 24th


Dr. Brandon Zaslow’s most recent service includes 28 years as Director of the Occidental College Site of the California World Language Project, writer of California’s World Languages Content Standards, one of four writers of California’s World Languages Framework. Brandon has been repeatedly honored by his colleagues receiving California’s Outstanding Teacher Award in 1996, named National Textbook Company Teacher of the Year, and accepting its Award for Leadership in Education in 2000, receiving a Distinguished Service Award for World Language and Culture Educators in 2009, and named the recipient of the Hal Wingard Lifetime Achievement Award for World Language and Culture Educators in 2016. At the national level, Brandon is an author of Entre mundos, a program in Spanish for Spanish speakers, and Invitaciones a parallel program for non-natives. For over three decades, he has presented at state, regional, and national conferences in the following areas: standards-based language and culture education, programs for heritage and native speakers, competency-based assessment, diversity sensitive education, teacher-teaching teacher models of professional development, evidence-based personal and organizational coaching, guided, focused mindfulness practices and personal well-being, and human and organizational development, change, and agency for leadership.

In Dr. Zaslow’s presentation, he will show how an Artificial Intelligence System (Chat GPT) can be used to create opportunities for individualized differentiation of instruction that responds to the needs of students and educators. Moreover, he will show how it can be used by learners to:

  • (1) transform academic content into highly comprehensible linguistic and visual materials,
  • (2) control interaction with content using analytics to optimize the outcomes of engagement, and
  • (3) create products that learners can use in academic and professional endeavors.

Learners’ success will enhance their disposition to engage in further learning. The head-, heart- and hands-based framework of the Seminar is actualized through the use of a wide variety of tools to increase knowledge (the headspace), one’s disposition to engage (the heart space), and taking local action with global effects (the hands space). Seminar participants can expect to learn specific strategies, and to be excited to implement them in their own classes during the new school year. As it happens so often at the Summer Seminar, we will learn how to be ahead of the next wave as we will be afforded the opportunity to acquire skills that will help us ride that wave joyfully rather than drown in it! We look forward to Brandon’s presentation with great expectations!