Strand H

STARTALK—Leadership Development for Teachers of Critical Languages and Cultures

This program is designed to create a cadre of teacher-leaders from California and across the nation who teach the STARTALK languages (Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Urdu) and prepare them to play leadership roles in their communities, public schools, districts, professional organizations and STARTALK programs. Priority will be awarded to educators who have participated in at least one other STARTALK teacher education program and have experienced success in implementing the STARTALK-Endorsed Principles for Teaching and Learning. The program will focus on leadership strategies that enable the participants to become effective learning coaches, mentors, and innovators in our profession. In the process, they will refine their own pedagogical skills and become a part of a learning community dedicated to continuous improvement of the learning of critical languages and cultures. Registration for candidates accepted into this program will be supported by a STARTALK grant.

Facilitators: Sally Mearns / Hélène Chan / Liz Matchett / Toni Theisen