StarTalk Strand Participant Resources

Learning Goals

What will the participants know and be able to do?

Collaboration: The teacher connects with local and global communities to support the development of language and intercultural competencies.
c. The teacher partners with individuals and organizations to expand language and culture learning opportunities for students

Professionalism: PR6—The teacher gives back to the profession in a variety of meaningful ways.
a. The teacher shares their expertise with colleagues within and outside of their content area.
b. The teacher pursues leadership opportunities in their school, community, professional organization, or other venues.
c. The teacher serves as a mentor to new and aspiring teachers as well as other colleagues.

How will participants demonstrate what they can do with what they know by the end of the program?

  • Group discussion and activities
  • Role-plays
  • Reports on professional reading
  • Professional growth plan
  • Culminating presentations on selected topics