This strand will meet in the Santa Barbara Mission Room in the UCEN

University Instructors

Please submit your letter of recommendation directly to us on this website by clicking on the purple tab below.

Please submit your nomination letters here

Students – How to Apply

To be considered for selection as a candidate, please follow the following directions.

All applications are due by June 30th, 2022

To Qualify for Selection:

  1. Complete and submit the application by clicking on the yellow tab above. This form automatically collects your email address, so you will have to sign into your email account to submit the form.
  2. Submit a TYPED Personal Statement – See the details below.
  3. Submit a copy of your academic transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable). You will upload this as a file in the application. Please submit a PDF or a JPG file.
  4. Request a letter of recommendation from one of your university instructors after you have completed the application. Your instructor will submit the recommendation directly to us on the Summer Seminar website by clicking on the purple tab below. You do not submit the recommendation yourself.

Personal Statement

In addition to filling in the application form, please submit a personal statement following these guidelines:

    • Your Personal Statement must be TYPED in Standard COLLEGE English
    • Up to two pages, double spaced
    • 12 pt font – Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica only
    • Check for spelling and grammar
    • Create your document in Word or in Google Docs
    • You may submit a PDF, a Word file or a Google Doc.
    • Share your document as “anyone with the link can view”
    • Post the link to your document into the application form

Prompt for your statement:

Using standard college-level English, type a cohesive personal statement explaining why you are considering teaching a world language as a profession. 

NB: Your personal statement is essential to help us to determine who will qualify for the scholarships to attend the seminar. Please help us get to know what kind of student you are and why are considering becoming a teacher. Please show us your very best academic work.


Please note:

  1. Submitting the on-line application will signify your commitment to participate in the ENTIRE program from July 15th (afternoon) through July 20th (at noon). If selected, we  want you to experience the whole program.
  2. All students who are selected to attend will receive a scholarship for room and board. You are responsible to get to UC Santa Barbara yourself. You may want some personal funds for incidental purchases. Housing and meal expenses are covered by us while on the campus at UCSB, with the exception of dinner on Monday evening when everyone at the seminar goes out to enjoy Santa Barbara.
  3. For questions & further information, please contact Don or Margaret by phone or by email at:

Don Doehla, Director
World Language Summer Seminar

Phone/Text: 707-280-7847

Margaret Peterson, Executive Director
California World Language Project

Phone: 650-452-2142