Seminar Details


Registration and Cost

To register for the Seminar, please click on the yellow tab below and fill in the registration form.

This year’s summer seminar will be in person on the UCSB campus. Here are the cost breakdowns for the seminar:

  • $1500 per person in double occupancy – you may request to room with a specific person. Please indicate your request in the registration form. We make every effort to honour your requests, but we cannot guarantee them.
  • $1700 for a single room.
  • Indicate your room preference when you register for the seminar.
  • All seminar activities are included in the one price, including room, meals (see below), key note speakers, strand facilitators & resources, evening activities, and special events

NB: The cost for the seminar covers:

  • your room in single or double occupancy in the dorms on campus
  • all meals on campus, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, evening social gatherings and special events, including the last evening dinner on the lawn overlooking the ocean with special music and more!
  • Please note!! On Monday after lunch, the seminar takes a break so participants may go out to explore Santa Barbara. Dinner that evening is NOT included. You will dine out on the town at your own expense. Please enjoy visiting Santa Barbara!
  • Please see the seminar schedule for more information about meals,  coffee breaks and evening social gatherings.


Student Strand Donations

If you would like to make a donation to offset the cost of providing scholarships for the students of our Student Strand, your contribution will be very much appreciated! You will receive a receipt to use for your records. Contributions are charitable contributions for tax purposes. Thank you so much for helping to make a difference for the future!


UCSB Conference & Hospitality Services Website

UCSB Conference & Hospitality Services Website

The UCSB Conference and Hospitality Services have created a wonderful website to provide the information we need to know about everything as enjoyable as possible during our stay on campus! On their website, we will find information about all the following:

  • emergency contact information
  • maps
  • COVID protocols
  •  lodging
  • transportation and parking
  • dining & meals
  • campus attractions and resources
  • Santa Barbara & area attractions
  • safety & security
  • campus accessibility
  • laundry facilities
  • what to pack and bring with you

The campus is smoke and tobacco free. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere on campus.

Also, if you find yourself locked out of your room, day or night, you call the Santa Rosa front desk number at (805) 893-2772 and someone will come to help you!

The Conference Service website is at this link. Please check their website before attending our seminar!


UCSB COVID Regulations

UCSB Covid Policy for Summer 2023

Attendees are required to follow the current campus COVID guidelines on masking, symptom screening, vaccinations, and testing. Current University policies will be shared with the Sponsoring Organization prior to their group’s arrival on campus. Please note that vaccination and testing requirements could include that all attendees must either be up-to-date (including any booster doses when eligible) with a COVID vaccine that is authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) OR they must provide proof of a negative COVID test upon arrival and test regularly during their time on campus.

UCSB has established a set of regulations to promote the safety of all while on their campus.  Please click here to learn more.


CEU Details

How to obtain Continuing Education Credits

CWLP works with Stanford University to offer 4 CEUs for WLSumSem23. The cost is $100 for 4 CEUs. Please note that 1 CEU is equal to 1 quarter unit, not 1 semester unit.

You NEED to complete all these requirements by 4:00 pm on Friday, August 4th.

  • Attend all Strand and Keynote Address sessions
  • Do all strand assignments per your strand leaders
  • Complete the WLSumSem Survey at the end of the seminar

If you forget to fill out the WLSumSem Survey at the seminar, you may fill it out any time before 4:00 pm, August 4th. The link for the survey will be posted on the page for CEU registration.

In order to pay for the units, fill in the Application for Stanford Continuing Education Units form by clicking on the yellow tab below, and pay for the unit(s) using the tab below the form on the next page. You may pay using a credit or debit card, or you may pay by check at the seminar.

  • To pay by check, give your check made out to Stanford University to a staff member in the seminar office in Anacapa Hall.
  • To pay by card, click on the “Pay for CEUs” button on the page where you register for CEUs.
  • We do recommend that you wait to register and pay for CEUs until you arrive at the Seminar. You can give a check to anyone one staff in the Seminar Office in Anacapa Hall, where we will be staying on campus. They can also answer any questions you may have then as well. It is okay to pay for CEUs during the seminar.

NOTE: There is a $5 service charge included in the amount being charged to your card to cover credit card company fees. There is no additional charge if you pay by check.


CEUs for the CLTA-CWLP WL Summer Seminar are offered by the CWLP Office through the Continuing Education Services of Stanford University, with our appreciation.